Floor Plans Need Improvement

We work in the Los Angeles real estate market, and when I’ve used the i-guide to produce plans I either get complaints from agents, or am asked to redraw them. Every aspect of the i-guide product is well thought out, but the floor plan is an aesthetic marketing tool and a graphic designer needed to be hired for these. They suffice for leases and fixers, but don’t cut it for million dollar listings. What we draw from scratch (www.PlanlabLA.com) or even what CubiCasa produces (we’d prefer to use them if we could trust the accuracy) are much cleaner. But we are stuck with these floor plans when agents want 3d tours, and we had hoped to be able to use the scans to produce plans when we don’t have time to measure and draw them ourselves. Let me know if any of you have come across questions or complaints on these fronts, but here is what I would improve:

  1. The font for labels need to be nicer and large, Arial is too basic.
  2. The arrows are unnecessary to represent the area of a space, and along with the color change in door thresholds, keep the plan from looking “clean” or “easy to read”. An option to remove these would be great.
  3. A huge issue is the doors are drawn at .75" thick if you open the dxf files, and thus read as just a line on the floor plans. Especially since the window panes are two lines, it looks like the windows are thicker than the doors. If doors are drawn at 1.5" they would look MUCH nicer on the plans.
  4. The blocks used as fixtures could be simpler and nicer. Picking out nicer blocks and providing the draftsmen with these is an easy upgrade.
  5. An option for white windows instead of blue would be nicer, too.

Are there any other things you can think of that would improve the plans? The floor plans by i-guide could be a selling point instead of an after thought. In our business it’s holding us back. Here is a simple, side by side clean up I had done to show what they can be like, but again the CubiCasa options would also be a good start.


Interesting planlabLA accurate measurements would be key to visualizing the rooms size in the virtual images .sounds like clients might be asking you to design for them as well . Doors and and windows are usually standard in size. I would like to hear more planlabLA :+1:
The plans do look very basic


Another vote here for better aesthetics - I’ve meant to bring it up myself. Having the option to not have the gray backgrounds would be great, plus the font and symbol comments. One thing I do when I draw them is have doors generally open to 90 degrees parallel to walls, which creates a clean look. I’d love for the plans to have a premium look but I’d say they’re rather unappealing as of now.


I totally agree. It woyld be great to have the floor plans tweaked :slight_smile:

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1000% agree. Your mockup floor plan looks so much more legible and attractive than the iGuide version.

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