Floor Plan Branding

We are getting lots of requests from clients to have their name and branding on the floor plans. We would also appreciate having our own operator branding on all pages of the floor plans as well. Does anyone else see the value in this?


Hello, yes I totally agree that we operators have our branding on the floorplans.
As for the brokers, if they want to have their info on the floor when touring, I let them do that.

Great suggestion.



Great idea - sometimes the floorplans are printed as inserts for brochures - they should have the info from the banner and a logo. No headshots.

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It’s becoming a daily request now for our Clients to have their own names and branding on every page of the floor plans, as well as an option for one with none at all, does anyone else have this request?

If not, do you think it’d be something you could benefit from? We want the ability to put our own branding or name on them so that we can promote on our floor plans.


I think that would be a terrific idea as well!

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I agree as well. I have had to contact individuals for using my floorpans for their rental properties. I think branding would help when letting individuals know it’s not for their personal use.

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I just sent my first iGUIDE to a new client and this is the first thing they asked for is their logo on the PDF version of the floor plans. Is there any update about this topic?

If you enable Custom PDF Text, you can specify you company name and address there. Having non-blank Custom PDF Text defined will also trigger pulling in agent and brokerage name from the banner, so agents can have their info shown on PDFs. That information will be shown as text only after the Property Details.

We have no plans to allow custom image branding on PDF floor plans. Not only that would take away from valuable page real estate that should be used for showing floor plan maximally zoomed, but it will also bloat up the PDF size unnecessarily with bitmap images. Right now our PDFs contain only vector graphics. These are not the only reasons and, unfortunately, we will not be considering this functionality.

Agents already have their banner in the iGUIDE, they can also have pano branding at the bottom of every pano if you are willing to give away that space to them instead of showing your branding there.

Finally, the Feature Sheet Creator can be used to create PDF brochures with agent branding, images, and floor plans. But the purpose of PDF floor plans is to show engineering drawings and not to provide advertisement space to agents.

Below is an example of custom text that is recommended for meeting Alberta RMS requirements.

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Ok, thanks Alex! I didn’t know that was an option, still learning.


I’m so pleased to see this suggestion in here as I’m new to iGuide and definitely need to have branding on anything that someone can print from our website. I see this suggestion as invaluable to all and hope it gets implemented. I’m hoping the tech team still have this in mind seeing as this suggestion is from quite some time ago! Fingers crossed!

Here’s hoping! Sacha

I think it would be great to avoid other brokers printing off the pdf floor-plans and making it their own information.

We are continually getting requests from clients to have the ability to add a logo to the pages of their floorplans. I hope this is still being considered as a feature suggestion as it would be fantastic. Plus we would really like to add our own branding onto them as well, the text page just isn’t sufficient.


Totally Agreed! I have been getting the same request from most of my clients too! My only option was adding the custom text which did satisfy them and as a result I ended up losing 1 realtor’s business only because of this matter. It would be great if this could be considered as a feature.

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Take the file into photo shop. You will need decide on an appropriate size upon import. Once in PS take you clients logo and work it into a design that will cover the branding you don’t want. Copy and past it on the PDF. Adjust the positioning and then export as a PDF and you are done.

We don’t have the time to do this for our amount of clients, so this option is not something that will work for us.


Takes 5 minutes if you have the content from the client and a good operator.

The downside to an altered PDF is that it wouldn’t be available for on the iGuide Report or on the iGuide link for download. That’s okay for one-offs but for volume work it would get tedious.

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In addition, to mentioned points, I do not like editing pdf as it comes with legal responsibilities. Once you edit any pdf, even if it’s as small as adding a “dot” to it, it will not be considered as an original file.
I’m also an engineer and the association has always advised us to never edit any pdf as they will become useless in court (Unless if we keep record of the original pdf)