First iGuide using tags

I just published an iGuide of an exhibit for the Art Gallery of Alberta. This was the first shoot in which I used the new tags feature.

I ran into a couple of quirks with the tag editor, but it mostly went smoothly and the tags feature will add value for the client.

You can see how it looks and operates at:

Disclaimer: there is some adult content in the exhibit.

Nicely done. Especially like how you incorporated the gallery logo into the circular logo.
Was there not a way to have the HD video’s embedded to the tag? Just curious.

Looking at the results, I’d place the camera further from the wall - as there was some glare and camera reflections. A costlier job would include a good still photo of each piece along with the description in the tag. Good work Leroy! You’re inspiring me to go after some different markets. It’s easy to say it’s getting busy with real estate…

Thanks. I did offer to embed the videos in tags, but they haven’t responded about that yet.

Strategically, there’s a fine line for them between showing enough to interest the public but not so much that it’s still worth going for an in-person visit.

Holy cannoli, that’s amazing Leroy. That had to take quite a while putting in all of that info!!

Thanks Todd. I’m going through the learning curve of determining how best to shoot iGuides that aren’t real estate so I appreciate any feedback.

We did discuss the glare and reflection and the decision was made to leave it as is. The idea is to use the iGuide to represent the exhibit – but not replace in-person visits. (The gallery is closed to the public right now because of the pandemic but the exhibit is expected to remain until whenever the gallery is able to reopen.)

For a Rembrandt exhibit I shot for them last year (see I did shoot photos of the artwork and placed them in the iGuide gallery. Tags weren’t available at that point, so for each artwork I did a second pano that allowed the viewer to read details. If tags had been available then, I would have embedded the photos at the very top of each tag with the artwork details and eliminated the second panos. I might approach them to do that now if they plan to continue using that iGuide.

Another consideration for gallery shoots like this is being mindful of whatever contractual obligations a gallery has with the artists and/or owners. For the Rembrandt exhibit, there was an additional room that I was not allowed to include because the owners of the artwork had not agreed to it. And after shooting the panos, I had to tweak the lighting because the gallery was contractually obligated to use dim, contrasty lighting meant to mimic the candle-lit lighting that would have existed in Rembrandt’s time.

That shoot was one of those unique opportunities that I’ll never forget. Me in a gallery space by myself with what I imagine was millions of dollars of Rembrandt artwork.

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Thanks Paul. It was a little onerous copying and pasting the details from a PDF the staff provided into each tag, but I used it as a way to learn the tag functionality for future use.

Hope you’re managing 2021 alright down in Red Deer.

Greetings All! Looking to see if anyone else has used the iGUIDE Tags in any of there portfolio? I have only used them once, but looking for other samples to use in marketing to commercial clients. I am shooting a nursery (plants not kids) soon and have mentioned to their marketing department about using iGUIDE to promote their store and the ability to use Tags to market different segments and items in their store. Here is my sample. Magnolia Elementary 2nd Grade Classroom