Finished Vs Unfinished measurements?

I am trying to figure which measurements to give the realtor for “finished” measurements of home or a condo. I am confused with both “external Area” and “interior Area”.

Which one should I give the realtor for a Finished Space?
I did read the description and understand the difference but I am still confused which one to give the realtor for finish square footage of a home or a condo so it is accurate.

Like we do need to include the walls footprint and just use the exterior area or we do not.

I am in British Columbia, Canada.

Hey David. I left you a voicemail. Every region is a bit different with reporting. If a BC home measures 40’ x 40’ from exterior corner to exterior corner it’s a 1600 sq ft home (assuming no unfinished spaces or openings like a stair-well on the interior.) If it’s 2 x 6 construction with 8" thick finished walls, the iGUIDE will measure the inside at a total of 38’ 8" x 38’ 8" then Planitar drafters will add the 8" thickness we’ve given them for the exterior wall and come-up with the same 1600 sq ft. This is the number they want.

With numerous walk-out basements in BC, they are often partially underground, but if there are finished spaces you MUST mark them as above-grade in order for those finished spaces to be added to the total finished square footage.

While our as-built measurements seldom agree with BC Asessment, you can always log onto their website, type-in the address and see how the property has been assessed. Sometimes I’ll see that the assessment shows half of the basement finished, and in my estimation the whole basement is finished. That’s when you consult with the agent about the option to mark that semi-finished basement room that could go either way. You can manually change the status of a space after the iGUIDE has been published. The drafters are mostly looking for a heat-source to identify a room as “finished,” but I let the agent specify how they would like to represent the property they are marketing.

Too much info? Call me. We’ll talk.

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When providing measurements to a realtor for a finished space in a home or condo, it’s essential to focus on interior area rather than external area. Finished measurements typically include the usable space within the walls, encompassing rooms such as living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. This ensures accuracy in representing the livable space available to potential buyers. Including the exterior area, which accounts for the entire footprint including walls, may inflate the square footage and mislead buyers about the actual usable space. Therefore, providing interior measurements is the best practice for accurately reflecting the finished space of a property.