Feature update

I’m sure the Feature Sheet editor isn’t a priority and but it need to be updated, I have attempted to use the feature sheet editor a few times and been frustrated by the experience and I stopped trying. I have just received a call from an agent who is attempting to use it through trial and many errors and finally decide to call me to figure out what to do. I was unable to to help him because boxes fail to populate with the images imported.
There are no help documents or videos explaining how to use the feature which leads to frustration by the clients. I don’t think this is a good look iGuide or myself.

Hi Geoff, Actually you can find a video in your support Area iGUIDE_Feature_Sheet_Creator.mp4

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My experience isn’t with learning how to use the Feature Sheet creator, it is with it actually functioning. May be not all browsers are supported? I did look for more info on it in the Knowledge Base support page but it does not appear there. The biggest issue have had is that the logo boxes fail to populate with images.