Feature suggestion - request for one more option when opening iGuide

I’ve had a couple discussions lately with realtors who are investigating ways of sharing on social media. Its great to have choices on how the iGuide opens. Video, 3D autoplay, etc. I did a large remotely located lodge recently and took several exterior panos. I will give the realtor a custom view that opens in 3D tour autoplay with the panos of the waterfront / dock / etc.

Would it be possible to get one more option added? Open in 3D tour autoplay with map minimized. Seems a shame to have almost half the display filled with something other than my exterior pano. There isn’t even a floorplan to look at with these exteriors.


Is there an autoplay startup option for the Photos Only Package?
The ability to set a slide duration would be great as well, especially if we could set specific slides to display longer than others. Our clients would LOVE that!