Feature Sheets - question

I have a client using the feature sheet option - for future ones, would it be possible to get an option of a 2 page feature sheet that can include the property description?

Usually descriptions take up less space than currently allocated on the 4 page feature sheet option.

Other operators - do many of your clients use this feature?

Thanks, and Happy Friday!

Ive only had a handful of clients that used the feature sheet creator and almost every time I get complaints about it lagging or crashing or not having enough options. Personally I think its something that should be completely overhauled. That being said most of my clients don’t use it or already have another option. So I question the validity of such an overhaul.

I have quite a few clients who use the Feature Sheet Creator. I agree it would be nice to have the option to add text to the two-page template. I have sometimes had the agent send me their text which I make into a jpg file in Photoshop so they can add a small amount of text in a slot meant for photos.