Feature sheet on "DETAILS" Tab

It’s great to be able to add the property description, and be able to download the floorplan from this page. Is there a way iguide admins could upload other documents to this page. For example, the feature sheet would be a great addition to be able to download from this tab. Maybe the house is in a gated community, and that community has a pamplet or something. condo’s that have amenities or covenants. Stuff like that would be amazing for us to be able to add, then viewers could download.


Love this idea!

I agree. As a new iGuide Operator I have been testing the Feature Sheet and realtors have requested more detail lines be provided for lengthy property description, price and amenities. The feature sheet is used at open houses by agents and considered a key handout.

I am very surprised the iGuide Dev Team have not picked up on that since 1999.

Can we make this change?