Feature Request: Bulk uploading

Often I get hired to scan apartment buildings, or units in several apartments.
It would be great to have some sort of bulk upload tool where we can upload multiple scans (Say 5 units from same buillding) at a time.

I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean 5 units in a single iGuide or are you talking about 5 iGuides?

bulk uploading separate tours. recently I did about 23 apartment units (each a unique tour link) and had to create the iguide, add branding info, set all the settings how I wanted 23 times. just trying to save some of the repetitive process

Just open multiple browser tabs for each iGuide. You don’t have to wait for one for finish before starting another.

On my busy days when I’m shooting, say, four iGuides, I have a browser tab open for each property and can upload the Stitch data and photos for each of them concurrently.