Facebook iguide posting error

Seems I’m having some issues with iguide feature posts on my facebook business page. When ever I try to post it doesnt complete even though it says its uploading. Have not been able to post for a week or more. facebook help pretty much useless… has anyone else seen this?

“You haven’t finished your post yet. Do you want to leave without finishing?”

There is no evidence of an incomplete post or draft post. I’ve also tried with 2 different browsers??

I’ve been getting this error a few times lately too, but not always when posting an iGuide link.

Yes, I’ve been experiencing the same issue for some time. What seems to work for me is that I choose to ‘schedule’ post and then it works (even if it is only scheduled for 10 minutes later).

When posting feature homes to Facebook we schedule the posts a few minutes later and that fixes the posting issue.

Thanks for the responses everyone. The cure was to schedule the post. Weird that you have to do that but at least I have a work-a-round.