Extracting Photos from the Virtual Tour and Panos

Does anyone if there is a direct link that describes the process of using the Tour/panos to pull photos? Do other operators do this and any tips on being most efficient?

Thanks All!

Hi George. In Stitch you can click the camera icon and it will walk you through the process of orienting the pano and then capturing a still image. These go into a folder within the project folder so that you can import them to Lightroom or Photoshop for further processing or export from there. I was super impressed with a few photos I derived from panos that I Beta-tested an “iGUIDE® Economy” package with Tour, Floorplan, iGUIDE® derived photos for interior and my own exterior photos. After seeing the results of a full shoot, I nixed it. In a pinch you can pull a room you missed or maybe a powder room that was hard-to-get with your camera, but if I’m to build my business on photography the IMS-5 should not be relied upon for stills (in my humble opinion.). You do you. If your clients are okay with the results, then you’ll have to get used to taking panos for the 3D tour and then moving the camera into corners / better locations to take stills (using the aperture looking icon on Survey which can also be processed in Stitch using the camera icon.).


Thanks for the taking the time to respond! Really appreciate the help.

You’re right…the photos came out distorted and could have been better quality. Live and learn.

Thanks again!

I’ve had one Realtor who on two occasions wouldn’t give me enough time to do still shots. So on two occasions I had to get still shots out of iGuide. As Todd says they will not be the most wonderful images (in fact they were so low resolution, I was amazed that MLS accepted them)
I will tell Realtors that if there is a great time constraint that this is a possible option, but the images will not be as good as if I take them with my DSLR. (an example would be someone who is so paranoid about Covid that they did not want you in the home for more than an hour. Then this might be a good option)
If you think you might try this, definitely overshoot. Then play with the image in stitch to zoom in or out and tilt etc until you think you have a reasonable image. Some images just will never work. Some images might surprise you.
The realtor who did this cheap option on me recently allowed me to do both an iGuide and take still photos. Within a day she had sent me two compliments she had received on the photos, so I think she has learned her lesson. We will be doing still shots in future (she has yet to pay me, so I better hold my breath until I get my check!)