Extending iguide link

I am just wondering how many times I can extend the iGUIDE link for customers? I usually extend the iGUIDE link for another year when a client asks. However, other clients or renovators are willing to extend it more. I am just wondering if it is possible?

I don’t know any details on if it truly does it for sure, but i have figured out that you can change the expiration date when you edit a guide for a maximum of 10 years out. Whether or not it does stay active for that long, or if there is some kind of charge after the first year are other questions I have about it too.

My main customers are builders. I highly recommend encouraging them to download and store/host everything on their own hard drives/websites. I also download all deliverables and store everything myself just in case there is an issue. I use an online storage service and have unlimited storage for a very cheap price. I actually don’t even send them the deliverable email from iguide. I just send a link to the specific folder for the specific guide on my online storage and then I don’t even have to think about expiring email links…or iguide plastering their own marketing all over emails I send my customers.

Another option I am considering is creating a new website solely for webhosting iguide tours. Since all iguides can be embedded into your own site this would bypass iguide’s site altogether…so no expiring links. Each tour would be a separate page. No pages linked to each other. No tour linked on the landing page (perhaps no landing page at all). Essentially an unindexed/unsearchable website. No way for anyone to see a tour without knowing the specific page url for each iguide tour. Not sure yet on this one though. I haven’t truly needed this option yet.