Export for architectural softwares

I’m totally newbie about iGUIDE system so I don’t know very well how does it works. I’m an Architect so would be very interesting for me get 3D models, my question is if it’s possible export the iGUIDE model to work it with a photogrammetry software to obtain point clouds. Thanks

Hi Tony, I’m trying to tack down a similar question. The short answer is: the iguide can output a “point cloud” in dxf format. The only problem is, the “point cloud” is really only a 2D collection of points. The scanner shoots out a 360 laser to gather points, but only on the horizontal plane. When I have needed points that are at a different elevation, I will sometimes adjust my tripod or even just set the scanner on the floor to capture a different elevation.

I don’t know much about photogrammetry yet as I am still looking into it.

Hi, I am trying to understand the extend of practical application of IGUIDE in building measurements. I understood from forum research that Lidar scanner works only in one plane and produces (x.y) outline of any obstruction on specific z level.
I wonder if it is possible to rotate the camera by 90 degrees and scan x,z plane. This would be helpful with scanning for example not planar structures like domed ceiling or similar and be helpful in generating cross sections.
Could the camera be rotated in any 3D axis?