Exciting News - Floor Plan Button on Realtor.ca!

The floor plan revolution that everyone awaited for so long has finally happened!

Now every listing on Realtor.ca that has iGuide embedded in the upper left corner of the page, also features the Floor Plan button that links out to iGuide PDF floor plans.

Huge thanks goes out to the CREA product management and development teams that made it possible!


Thats great news and another selling feature for realtors. Something else to share with my new clients



Hi everyone,
We met with the team at CREA this week in Chicago and they confirmed it was coming but they were not going to tell us until complete.
These two advancements put every iGuide Pro light years ahead of their competition and should be clearly communicated with every stakeholder inside your market.
Every agent with an iGuide is going to be so much further ahead of their competition!

Question: is this a feature exclusive to iGuide?

For the time being iGuide is the only platform that makes this information available and given the fact that iGuide has a large market share in Canada (certainly is the largest technology provider), CREA has chosen to make the extended property information that iGuide offers available to consumers through the Realtor.ca portal.

How does a Realtor get the Floor plan button to show up? Do they upload thr PDF to their system or is it automatic?

No, they do not have to upload any PDFs to their MLS. All they need to do is to use iGuide. If iGuide preview image shows up in the upper left corner on Realtor.ca, the Floor Plan button will show up automatically as well. To make all that happen, a Realtor must specify an iGuide URL (pointing to youriguide.com domain) in the Virtual Tour URL field in their MLS form (which feeds into Realtor.ca). If they specify any other URL in that field (e.g. Youtube/Vimeo video or any other virtual tour domain) none of this (iGuide embedding or Floor Plan button) will work.

Thanks Alex, that is awesome news.

I see an iGuide from this week is not being displayed in the top left corner of the Realtor.ca listing. It is there in the multi media link, and the floor plan button is present and working correctly. Earlier iGuides of mine seem to be working well on Realtor.ca

Anyone else having issues?

Can you provide property address?

Sorry, I’ve been busy and didn’t check back. It seems to be working normally now.

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I have a floor plan that the client had commissioned by someone else, and I want to add that plan to my realtor listing with the floor plan icon. How do I do this exactly? Thank you.

Realtor.ca will automatically show the Floor Plan button when an agent provides a virtual tour URL (in their MLS data) that has “youriguide.com” as domain, as every iGuide has a floor plan. There is no way to add the Floor Plan button manually.

Thanks Alex. How does one add the floor plan button manually?

That was a typo - there is no way to do that manually.

So even though I have a plan, I can not have an icon because I did not purchase the plan through iGuides? Am I understanding this correctly?

I can only speak about the steps required to have the Floor Plan button when iGuide was used as a virtual tour. For all other questions about Realtor.ca platform you need to contact Realtor.ca.

Just curious, is this still an exclusive to iGuide in Canada? I want to make sure that I’m accurate if I’m making this claim to customers.

Is that automatically converted into floor plan? If so, that’s amazing

Realtor.ca does not report to us all their integrations status, so we cannot say with 100% certainty, but it is highly probable that nobody else has been added since last fall.