Example of still images from the iGUIDE camera

The iGUIDE camera can take pretty good still images and the process can be very fast when images are taken along side panoramas.

Here’s a page with some examples: https://goiguide.com/iguide-3d-tour-gallery

The images I’m referring to can be found in the photos tab of each iGUIDE.

All the gallery images included with the iGUIDEs on the above page were taken with the iGUIDE camera. The resolution will be about 3 megapixel depending on the field of view which is good for web and will usually be good enough for print.

Are the still photos taken with the iguide camera high resolution?

They are around 2100x1400px but that may increase/decrease when the field of view is changed in Stitch.

Was this with the IMS-5 or the phalinx with the Theta z1 ?

That post is a couple of years old, Chris. So it would not be with the Planix/Theta Z kit.

Okay, Appreciate it

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Are these images stills that are “snapped” from existing panoramas in a way that the Matterport system currently does? If so, can you access the 3 HDR images from the iGuide and pull them into Photoshop as well for editing? Would they be RAW files or just jpgs?

They can be edited with your other photos, but they are jpeg, so less stretching of shadows, highlights and white-balance. I only ever use IMS-5 photos for a small bathroom or a room I missed after putting my camera away. Most photospheres are taken closer to the middle of the room, so you have to be intentional to get good placement/composition with the iGuide camera. I beta-tested a small property with iGuide derived interior photos only and my client didn’t like the quality, and I wasn’t proud of the results. Here it is … notice the stretching of objects near camera and pronounced light flares from light fixtures. iGUIDE 3D Tour for #105, 160 Vancouver Ave.

I do similar. I shoot the property with the iGuide camera first. I shoot from the entry of the room, and middle. Sometimes I also do a shot from far corner if the room is large enough. Once I shoot the iGuide, I go around with my SLR and shot HDR shots of every room. There are some times though you miss a shot, or the client requests a shot you never thought of taking or they forgot to mention they want to focus on something out of the norm. In those cases, if you shot the iguide properly, you can get some solid stills out of them.

With that said, if you lower your camera a bit, your stills from the iguide camera will look better, also zoom in a bit (I try to stick around 92wide at max) the photos wont be as distorted.

At least this has worked from my experience. NOTE : I also do the odd shot from my phone as it seems to shoot tiny bathrooms much better than anything else lol.