Estimate of sq ft scanned.

It would be great if we could get an estimate of sq footage scanned before submitting for processing. This will be helpful when discussing pricing with clients who don’t know the sq ft of their space.


You can use Google Maps to give an estimate before you even show up, if you know how many floors and assume their footprint is the same as the roof. That would be an upper bound estimate, because it would include garage (which can be adjusted for if you know how many cars) and any space open to below (no floor), but agents will be happy when the final bill is lower.

ah yes but that won’t work in new construction or remodels where google hasn’t had the opportunity to get a shot… this should be a feature that these types of cameras have. Especially if we’re going to be charged by the sq ft for processing.

I don’t really understand what the point of this would be If you’ve already done the work by shooting it. The only recourse you would have if they thought it was too big would be to not submit and then what happens?