Editing privileges for a specific user view. More features for property management and commercial use.

Hi everybody,

I work in the commercial real estate industry, mostly with office/business building. I had an interesting question come up that I think could use some attention if others would like this added feature.

I scanned a large portfolio of buildings for a property manager: 15 buildings, +19,000SQM or 200,000SQF. As part of their property management, the custodian/property manager would like to use the tag functions in the portal.

He has made several user views and would like to send them to local repairmen to fix the places that he has tagged. The problem he has is that he wants them to be able to edit the tags and write updates, but these repairmen are outside his organization, and he doesn’t want to give them editor status.

As of now, they can have viewer status for individual user views, but not editing privileges for individual user views. By becoming an “editor,” you get privileges to see and edit everything for that building.

I reached out to the Planitar support and they didn’t have any suggestions, just to write here in the forum to hopefully give the issue enough attention to create a feature for this. Does anyone else have the need for such a feature?

In the meantime, does anyone have any tips to get around this? Or maybe there are other commercial users here that have other features they would liked added for commercial use/larger buildings?

Hi. Yes. I have needed it several times and for various reasons. To much info and its complicated but could be well worth asking for the solution. I’m using other unrelated product editors that help.