Editing panos before stitch?

I’ve never been happy with the way that we are able to edit the photos in stitch. Is there a process to edit the photos in Lightroom and open in stitch? Something that will keep the workflow simple and effective?

How do you edit the photos?


I am interested in this as well. Would love to hear about some of the workflows people are using to make sure the best content is uploaded.

I just edit the individual circular fish eye files, in stitch open folder by right clicking the pano open folder, then I open that file in Photoshop edit and save.

Then once done right click pano again in stitch and choose reload.

How that helps, for alignment issues just use the wizard button in stitch.

Personally, I think it’s way-easier to edit them after the iGuide is done. The panos are all stitched together already and you just edit one image. I used to do it before and it was a pain because you’re editing 3 images and dealing with that. Now, I just wait for the iGuide to come back, go into Replace Panos in the portal and download the ones I want/need to edit. Then, from the same screen, you just replace the old panos with the edited panos.

Works well.

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Bumping this thread back to the top. Please correct me if I’m wrong, with PLANIX, there is only one image file for each scan. So we should be able to edit in Lightroom or Photoshop first and then import into Stitch without the need to do further editing.