Editing a pano after the iGuide has been published

Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me… can a pano be edited (remove something in photoshop for example) after the iGuide has been completed and published? For instance, I have a client who would like something visually removed from the vr tour even though the cr tour has been completed.

Thanks in advance!

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i believe you can.

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In the iguide portal choose edit iguide, from the options on the left hand side of page choose Replace Pano Images. Make sure you curser is on the pano (the green dot on the pano) that you want to replace, and download the pano to your hard drive. Open the pano in photoshop or whatever editing software you use and make & save your edits. Go back to the iguide Replace Pano Images page and upload the edited pano and save it.

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@curbappealpix is right on. See the article below.