DXF not available anymore. why tge prices keep changing ?

They removed the DXF file from the download and replaced this with DWG for x2 the price as before is far from being accurate.

this company is not reliable and after using them for 3 years we stopped using them.

please write for me any other alternative except MATTERPORT for fast creating VR and lower cost for dxf files

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I have used the Giraffe 360 in the past. I advise not using the product. I use the CubiCasa system over the iGuide system, it’s a lot easier.

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Please tell me a little more about how you do this.

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Go to CubiCasa.com. There are a lot of demonstration videos you can watch. Use this link to sign up.
I use this application for all my floor plans now. It also does CAD.
I tried Giraffe360 and wasted about $900. I bought iGuide and no longer use it. The drama I am reading here is crazy. I hope iGuide will resolve these issues quickly.
I heard Matterport have financial issues and has been bought by CoStar. That should be interesting for the future of Matterport.