DXF File - Place Each Scan in Separate Layer

The DXF file provided would be more useful if each scan were a separate layer. Keeping them separate would allow the ability to clean up areas where long distance points are essentially noise, as well as fix registration issues for challenging interiors where incremental drift becomes an issue.

I cannot think of a CAD operator who would mind having these points split into many layers. If one layer is preferred, combining multiple layers into one is a 2 second task.

Not sure I understand what you are suggesting here. As best I can understand, the drafting team essentially creates a floor plan based on the lidar data from your scans, as well as the visual cues you provide with the captured panoramas. They are already “cleaning up noise” in the process of manually interpolating and extrapolating data, and projecting where walls would likely actualy be based on averaging out noisy and inconsistent data. So once they have drafted the complete floor outline of all the walls, there are no “separate scans” as it were.

It wouldn’t make sense to create DXFs layers based on the individual scans, because each individual scan in isolation has no meaning by itself, and will be far more erroneous than the synergistic whole that they have manually created.

This comment is not related to layers for linework created by the drafting team. This request is only for the points (ie. “scans”)

If you are not referencing the point directly, or have no interest in the points, then this comment is not relevant to you.

This request is most relevant to Radix, but could also be useful for standard CAD output for iGUIDE.

Many users will have no need for the points at all, which in that case they are welcome to delete them entirely. This request is for those who are interested in cleaning up the points (“scans”) for subsequent drafting based on those points.