DualFishEye on Planix Z1 Camera


Is it possible to use the Ricoh Theta Z1 camera mounted on the Planix with the Dual Fish Eye Plugin? This is to provide a backup panorama in case the images taken by Planix is not good enough. Also can be useful if iGuide and 3Dvista will be used as Hybrid Tour.

I’d be interested to know if this is at all possible. (Maybe the Z1 can be controlled using separate controller device that the one used for iGuide).


Yes the Z1 can be used in a stand alone way so I don’t see a reason that Dual Fisheye wouldn’t work. In my own test still found the images soft using the plugin so I have put aside the idea of using the Z1 for now, I hope you have better luck. (I don’t own a Plantix)
For those that don’t know the Plugin turns the Z1 one into a bit of a Unicorn, It is one of the only cameras that can shoot in 16bit, dynamic range can be incredible when used this way.

PLANIX uses USB connection to THETA to provide power and for reliable and fast download of images. When USB connection is used, THETA will disable its WiFi. Also, THETA USB API does not support control of plugins, so use of plugins is impossible when PLANIX is powered up and is controlling THETA.

When PLANIX is turned off, THETA can be used on its own and can be controlled over its WiFi, as if PLANIX is not there.

PLANIX uses the images as THETA produces them at the maximum possible resolution and relies on Ricoh stitching and HDR processing. Further image enhancement is performed by Stitch in post-processing.

The Survey web app displays downsampled images to improve realtime performance, but original maximum resolution images produced by THETA are stored on PLANIX USB drive and are used in iGUIDE.

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Alex, thanks for such a detailed response. I appreciate it. Assuming we have time to turn off the Planix whilst on site and use the Z1 to shoot some panorama, can we download the images without having to disconnect the Z1 physically from Planix? ie via WiFi?
Thanks again

PLANIX does not store any images on THETA’s internal storage and does not delete any images from THETA’s internal storage that were taken outside of PLANIX. THETA supports image downloads and Ricoh firmware updates via WiFi and Ricoh’s THETA mobile app, so there is no need to physically disconnect THETA from PLANIX in order to use it on its own.

The DualFisheye plugin uses a folder that is not recognized by the Theta app as a folder to download from via WiFi, therefor you need to physically disconnect to download the DualFisheye files. I just got my Planix on Friday, and have been doing tests using a combination of the DualFisheye with the Planix. I am still early in the test phase, but have found that if you turn off the Planix, and turn on the Z1, enable the WiFi, the Android “DualFisheye Remote” app with the latest version of the DualFisheye Plugin on the Theta (must be the latest plugin from the Theta plugin store), can enable the plugin, set the 9 shots etc, and take the stitched pano that save to the Theta, then the plugin can even be disabled from the Android app so the Theta can be controlled by the Planix once you turn it back on. NOTE: The Android Remote app is only for Android, there is not an equivalent for iOS. I use my iPad to connect to and run the Planix, and because of that I don’t need to jump back and forth on WiFi connections with the same device.

Every time THETA is physically removed from PLANIX and reinstalled, Lens Alignment in Survey must be run (accessible from the Settings menu in Survey) to ensure room corners in images are aligned to room corners is laser data as this is needed for proper floor plan drafting.

Good to know, thanks Alex.

Hey Alex, when I physically remove the theta, what I mean is that I unscrew the 4 screws holding the PLANIX top plate and unplug the USB Cable, I keep the Theta in the PLANIX top plate while I hook up a USB cable to my computer to download the DualFisheye files, then I plug in the PLANIX USB cable and screw in the top four screws (carefully so not to strip). Just checking, even though the Z1 stays in the top plate, I still need to do the Lens Alignment?

Yes, the 4 mounting screws for the top plate have some free play that can affect the alignment.

Thanks Alex.

@Alex Question? How can I get the serial # off my Theta to connect standalone without undoing the 4 mount screws and disturbing alignment? Do you keep a record? And can you send? I have played with my old Theta doing multiple exposure brackets and had some phenomenal success. I might want to do that for some exterior shots and add like a drone shot.

Thanks!! Good info!

Survey displays THETA serial # in the Settings menu.


Thanks for your feedback. I had asked the question and was told that when you connect the Z1 to the Planix, it disables all the plugins.

I just received my Planix this morning and was doing some tests.

Have noticed a few things.

The HDR mode is not as good as the HDR-DNG files from the DFE especially where there is strong sunlight.

I would like to try using the DFE - I like the idea of using another device - well I have to as I have my iphone for the planix and an android for the DFE.

The mode I used this morning was the 2 shot approach - but noticed in the files when they were packaged for the drafter, that they were the ones that I was in. I am assuming the the rest of the info is elsewhere.

If you took a photo with the planix, disconnected, then connected with the DFE, are you able to replace those panos later before you send them to the drafters ? that just seems a like a lot of work.

I also watched a video where they took the spheres into photoshop - but I don’t have any.

Hi There

I also use 3DVista, but am not sure why you would generate an iGuide version into 3DV - it is like having a tour inside a tour that has just cost you an extra $50 - $80 for processing.

This threw me off as well. I assumed I’d done the two shot incorrectly and did them twice. I believe The correct way is to hide behind the front of the camera (no digital screen) for the first shot and then move around.

Ok I’m probably about to embarrass myself but am I missing something with the DFE installation?

Looks like I have to connect by usb to the Z1 but as it is anchored to the cap of the Planix I’m not able to do that, or am I?

Does disconnecting the camera mess up the lens calibration?
Does it invalidate my warranty?

Should this question be in a support ticket?

Should this question be in a support ticket?

If you want direct answers, yep.