Downloadable Files

The PROBLEM Specifically:

The Downloadables unzip in various directories making it difficult or confusing for clients to manage their data, and when multiple listings are involved, the filenames end up causing a confusing file management situation for the client.

One of the challenges I’m witnessing with many Realtors is that most “seasoned” Realtors aren’t exactly computer gurus, some don’t even want to use them and are forced to learn how to operate a computer to work their listings. Explaining to these clients how & where to locate their downloadable assets is a chore and anyone that has dealt with such clients knows they aren’t great at PC file management.

Currently, there’s a 5-Step Process to using the assets of each of the 5 downloadable files. 25 steps! Not a streamlined process for a very busy Realtor.

  1. download one of the asset files;
  2. find that file;
  3. unpack that file;
  4. find where the contents of the file landed;
  5. upload them to MLS.

When they download their second and third sets of assets, they end up with repeating filenames with numbers behind them, which can be a chore to try and identify which folder is what listing. This adds another step to the process, making it a 6-step process for each file the client needs to access. (30 steps for all 5 files)

The naming problem extends to where the contents are unzipped. The only file that doesn’t suffer the naming problem is the spheres file because it unpacks with a unique name. This suggests there can be some solutions.

Recommended SOLUTION ideas:

  1. Essentials Package: Add a link that gives them a package of all their essential assets collected into one file. They basically need the MLS images, JPG floor plans, and the photo spheres to upload their MLS content and get started with marketing on social media. They rarely need the High-Res images, but it’s nice to have available; they don’t need to download the offline iGUIDE to get started, but that’s also nice to have available.

  2. The FileName: The downloaded file needs to have an identifiable filename other than a vague description of its contents. This will allow them to immediately identify what listing this file represents. This will also eliminate the repeated naming issue and make it searchable on most computers.


  1. Unpacking mess: Have the downloadables unzip in a folder design similar to how the SPHERES.ZIP is formatted, with a slight modification to add the iGUIDE name up front (for branding and recognition) and to cause each file to unpack into the iGUIDE directory with its corresponding address and asset type. This would make it so much easier for clients to locate and manage their assets (less moving parts and less confusion).


  1. The JPG Floor Plans: I’ve had a discussion about this with a client and they suggested that iGUIDE simply includes them in the MLS image package by default. They will be more likely to use them without the extra 5-step process in the way; it would also streamline the process for the client.

  2. Checkbox Download: Ever been to a download page where you can select what you want to download, then click a download button? If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, visit where you can customize a download easily (lots of free stuff there btw). I’m not sure if an email can handle that, but a client page on the iGUIDE tour could, but there’s no client page, bringing me to my final suggestion…

  3. Client Page: People want to command their own experience these days. What if we gave the client the ability to tweak certain elements of their virtual tour with easy access to a customizable download of their assets? The page would basically be a copy of their REPORT that could have a small feedback form included on it for easily submitting a support request to the managing editor of that iGUIDE, eliminating another moving part from the process (having to go to their email to send a message). The client page could be very much like the portal page where we edit the settings of an iGUIDE Tour. Clients can handle and would like to have access to many of the checkbox options, access to the gallery to rearrange the order of photos or add/remove photos, a floor plan style selector, customizing the title and property description of their iGUIDE, and the ability to send an updated Analytics Report. I’m sure I forgot some client manageable options, but you get the idea.

Just some ideas for making it easier on the clients.

Thank you for listening!


Thank you for a very thoughtful and well organized post! I feel your pain and agree with what you have suggested.
I’ve also suggested previously that the jpg plans should be included in the download…