Domain names

Are any operators including or offering property domain names that direct to the branded iGuide link?
I’ve acquired a new client who was using this service from his previous provider and requires me to offer it too (extra fee), and it’s been a while since I engaged in this.
Where do I find the cheapest .coms? I assume domain privacy is still essential when buying domains to cut all the spam.

I have found these guys to be the most reasonably priced:


I’m not sure I understand the second part of your question to be honest, but I don’t purchase any extra domain privacy when I purchase property address domains. They run about $12 per domain. Make sure they are not set up to automatically renew every year, as that seems to be the default. You have to set it to manual renewal so you don’t end up getting charged for it again in a year.

This is the one I use:

.coms are almost always $12. Privacy is included with this one. Alex recommended to me a few years ago.

Google “Godaddy .99” and you would be able to get domains for 99 cents Doug.