dollhouse view

I am just wondering if iguide can create 3D dollhouse view like matterport? For 3rd time since 2 months ago the agents asked me same question. Thank you

i’d say no… I believe (could be wrong) that matterport has that patented or something. iGuide is far better than matterport anyway, tell your agents to step their game up :slight_smile:

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It’s not exactly the same as the matterport one, but there is a 3D dollhouse like view through FloorPlanner. Check the video at Master Class 018 - Floorplanner Integration

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That silly dollhouse. Sell the agents on the stickiness of the 2d floorpan style of navigation. Much higher user retention IMHO. The dollhouse is cool (just) once but truly does not give the same ability to Jump from kitchen to primary bed etc…

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I agree that the iGUIDE floorplan is more professional than that silly dollhouse but what I get a lot is that the Matterport experience of the virtual tour is more seamless when moving through the property virtually, while the iGUIDE stops between every “Halo” to build up the next pano and that this delay is making the tour not as natural! I understand that this has to do with the method of scanning Matterport uses.I hope iGUIDE will improve this as it is possible without delay, when you look at the 3DVista software which also works with DSLR cameras and there are absolutely no delays when flying through a tour.

I’ve heard that agents say they get lost in an upstairs bedroom and can’t remember how to get back down to the kitchen (with regard to matterport).

The Dollhouse is nice but seeing the layout of the building is subpar on Matterport, I can live without it and my customers aren’t asking for it. My iGuide loading experience is very good, each scene loads instantly for me. I do have a problem with many older less tech savvy clients that are turned off my how the iGuide throws you across a room and often on the other side of a wall or even sending you outside the property. Some people just don’t know they have to click on the halos and instead click ahead (which is natural) and they end up in the above scenario. Many will close the window and look at photos instead. Matterport does not have this problem, I think Planitar should address as soon as possible.