Does iguide charge for DXF files?

I created an iGuide for a customer a month ago, and now I’ve received an email asking me to send a DXF file. I’m just wondering if there will be an extra cost associated with requesting the DXF files for an iGuide.

Hi there,

If you see the DXF button already on your iGUIDE then you can download it (meaning that you ordered it in your original iGUIDE).

If not, then yes - there will be an additional cost for requesting the DXF file.


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how much does it cost for me and how much should charge the client?

The cost varies depending on the original iGUIDE, so unfortunately I can’t quote that for you.

As of June 6th, we’re changing our plans to serve our customers better, which means the DXF file will no longer be delivered as part of iGUIDE Standard or Premium, but rather part of iGUIDE Radix and the following iGUIDE paid add-ons:

AutoCAD DWG, Revit RVT, 2D CAD or 3D CAD. If you’d like DXF only, I’d advise you to order that today. :slight_smile:

You can review these changes in the most recent tech update: Support Area (

As for how much you should charge the client: Since the new packages are premium offerings, I advise that you charge the client a premium price as well (and that’s what we’re seeing other iGUIDE Operators do!).

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Thank you. Probably, they will go with the DXF add-ons for future projects. I hope we are not losing our clients because there was no charge before for DXF files.

It’s unfortunate that we have to pay extra for what we’ve already done on-site. Just to clarify, are you saying that we won’t get the DXF files upfront with the standard package anymore? This seems like a significant change, especially for those of us who rely on providing these files to our clients as part of our service. * Is there any feedback from other operators regarding these changes? Are there plans to reintroduce DXF files as part of the standard package in the future?

It is June 9th, just visited iGuide pricing, showing Real Estate Standard and Premium include DXF files.

You noted as of June 6th, DXF will not be included with Standard or Premium.

Confused, please explain.

Thank you!

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I lost 2 clients in renovation industry because of the changes. I though iguite try to support us insted of makingb it difficult to keep our loyal clients.

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many of us have to write to iguide that this is not good

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For me, as a designer, without this option in the standard package, having iGuide becomes completely useless. I think it was a terrible decision to remove the DXF file, especially considering that the measurement accuracy is far from perfect.

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Here is the short email i received from a client this morning. i don’t have power to do anything.
"iGuide without drawings with measurements will be of no much use for us. Thank You"

Hi all,

Thanks for your comments. I wanted to reiterate how you can get a DXF file:

  1. If you’d like the pure point cloud data, and plan to draft it yourself, you can order an iGUIDE Radix (which is cheaper than an iGUIDE Standard).

  2. If you’re looking for iGUIDE to draft the project and receive an DXF file as part of your order, it’s accessible via: DWG or RVT Add-ons, or through the CAD Packages (both 2D & 3D). In this scenario, we highly recommend you provide this as an 'Upsell" package to your clients as they will be getting a drawing package in addition to the measurements and DXF file which provides great value.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to

Main question how i can order Radix and DWG together , without Standartd? I think for me like interior designer it will be really good combo

Hi there,

This would be an either/or scenario: You could order either a Standard or Premium iGUIDE with the DWG add on, or you could order a Radix.

Radix is the point-cloud data with on-screen measurements and the 3D tour, but is not drafted by our team. For our team to draft it (and include the DWG), it would have to be a Standard, Premium or CAD Package iGUIDE.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!