Does anyone else do these things?

Okay there’s a couple things that I do that I think will be helpful, a couple things I want to know if others do and a general question or two. I’ll number everything for convenience.

1.Does anyone else bring door stops with them? Pesky doors that won’t stay open are a bother when iGuideing a place. Garage doors are the worst culprits.

2.Does anyone else measure closets? I do just to get the most accurate floor plan possible, even if it’s full of jacket or whatever I move some aside to get a good depth measurement.

  1. When iGuideing a house do you place the camera around the house so in the final virtual tour your panos are within “line of sight” of each other. Or do you have as few panos as possible to the point where people click through the walls in order to get to the next room. Hope that makes sense.

  2. iGuide drafters, is it easier to put together the data us operators send you when You have more than one pano of a space. I.E: garages you can’t always get a good view of every wall in garages so does it help to do two or three panos to get accurate measurements?

I’m pretty sure I have a couple more but can’t think of them at the moment, cheers all!

EDIT: Remembered one! Bring a lens blower and lens cloth, really annoying when you get back to the computer and there are dust spots on the lens.

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I don’t bring doorstops but should. I just always forget.

I always measure closets for the floor plan…always.

I do my tours so it’s like walking around the home.

I’m pretty sure panos are helpful to the draftspeople. I believe they use them along with the measurements but I’m guessing the measurements are the most-useful info.


  1. Yes , I bought a few at the $Dollar store
  2. Not usually with shallow coat closets, I measure utility rooms. If its messy, just hide the pano on the final guide
  3. More is better for the viewers sake. Line of sight is a best practice
  4. More is better… I do matterport scans, makes iGuide seem like a breeze…

Hey Jordan,

  1. I have doorstops, but I’ve left so many behind that I normally don’t anymore. I just stand in the doorway with the iGuide and don’t include that pano.

  2. Every closet, every time. I move jackets and such when possible as well. I likely over measure, but most of my jobs are 30 to 120 minutes away and I don’t want to have to go back. 10 extra minutes now beats two+ hours of driving for a reshoot.

  3. I do them like a walkthrough, but I generally omit hallways and such, so it’s not always a line-of-sight by any means.

  4. In areas that might be blocked, like a full garage, I do as many as I can for as complete a measure as I can get for them. They can disregard too much, but they can’t create something that isn’t there.