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Here’s the scenario: I’ve shot an iGuide for an art gallery that is releasing it to members only as a perk of membership, before eventually releasing it to the public. I’ve created a private view for them to send to their membership.

However, that view still shows a “share” button on the iGuide, which they’ve asked me to remove. It does not appear that I can do that.

For cases like this, can we please have the option to hide/disable the share button? Although a user can still copy and paste the link at least the page won’t be actively encouraging them to do so.

Thank you.

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Hi LeroySchulz.

I have followed many of your advice in the forum and I would like to return the help you have given us to the users of iguide.
I’m a beginner using iguide but I think I have a solution to your problem.

To deactivate the “share icon” you must include this at the end of the link: ?nosocial
Example: https://unbranded.youriguide.com/7_carrer_de_lugo_sant_josep_de_sa_talaia_es_ib_es?nosocial

I hope it is helpful for you.


That is a helpful workaround for now – thank you.

Ideally this would be implemented as a checkbox option for each iGuide, however, since the ?nosocial parameter wouldn’t show up on a map of iGuides or on the links in an iGuide Report. But this might work for this specific client.

Muchas gracias y saludos desde Canada. (Mis bisabuelos eran de españa.)

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