Disable a pano

I got a issue from my last iguide project and need to know what should i do?
i got a partial pano instead of full pano. i see same thing in the stich and i am not able to fix it in photoshop. i am sure the camera didn’t move during the shooting.
and what should i do when i see many led pot lights reflections on one pano sometimes.
some old properties has short celling.
Thank you

I’m pretty sure there’s no remedy for partial panos. Maybe they captured the laser data you need, but I’ve accidentally hit “+1” and ignored the warning to move-onto the next pano without completing the current one. It sucks, but twice I’ve had to return to properties to fill-in a piece of the puzzle I’ve missed. If I align panos as I go and check the coverage this can’t happen.*

Re: pot lights, I’m not sure what your issue is, but if there’s enough ambient light, you might try turning them off. It will take the camera longer to take the HDR. I have a battery-powered work-light that I can wave around (to avoid shadows and distribute the light evenly) in dark spaces while the shutter is open, but it’s pretty rare that I use it.

*(I mostly don’t align as I go so that I can get through a property quickly; especially when I need to also take still-photos during the same visit. This requires Ninja-level concentration to ensure I don’t miss any rooms, closets or angles.)

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Thank you Tod. Look Do you think I should change planitar USB? So if yes can I use any kind of USB memory? Do I need to format it?

USB stick has to fit into the slot, so be careful not to buy a bulky one. I just now fitted my back-up USB into the camera and took a sample photo. There was no formatting required. It instantly worked in the camera and on my MacBook.

Having said that, I don’t think partial panos are due to a corrupted USB stick. I had a couple of instances yesterday where I could have sworn I took all three shots, yet only two registered. I was paying enough attention, to go back and reshot the location.