different total interior are between MPAC and Iguide

I had a condo measurement with iguide yesterday and when i got the report total area was 1096 Sq Ft. but the agent have 1213 sq ft from MPAC. which one is right and what should i say to him?

Have you read this? MPAC Announcement Will Lead to Big Changes in Ontario Real Estate

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I’m not in Ontario so I don’t have first-hand knowledge on the topic. But from what I gather from the link above, agents should not use MPAC measurements presumably because they may not be accurate.

When I’ve had questions about square footage total, I point out the following:

  1. We know how the square footage was calculated using the iGuide system. It’s detailed at iGUIDE | Method of Measurement.

  2. We know that the above method of measurement is compliant with local regulations. In my case in Alberta, it’s the RMS standard.

  3. We don’t usually know how the square footage was calculated by someone else – whether that’s a builder, a previous agent, an ambitious home seller, etc. That’s often a black hole. (i.e. Questions like “Who measured the property? When was it measured? What method of measurement was used?” don’t usually have answers.)

  4. It’s usually straightforward to look at the floor plan diagrams and measurements to validate the square footage totals. It’s not just a black hole.

Those answers have (so far) satisfied that type off question.