Default editors

I’d like to have someone added by default as an editor for every iGuide I create, instead of manually having to add this person every time.
Is there a way to achieve this in the portal?

There is no way to do that currently, but it is on the roadmap. For now you could allow your photographer create the iGuides he shoots and you would still be the manager for them and your photographer will be an editor, thus achieving the same result.

Our experience showed that there is no real value in asking operators to create iGuide in advance and let us know the due date. A lot of people do not do that and they create iGuide just before uploading data, so we cannot predict drafting volume for the next day in advance. We will be removing the due date calendar in the near future when we will be updating the iGuide creation page.

In my case I am delegating social media work and I want him to receive the iGuide reports so he can obtain the photospheres and run with it.

I had assumed you developed an algorithm that uses the number of panos in a stitch file to estimate work required, and preassign iGuides in drafting accordingly. Does your new drafting software make good use of IMS5 map to lower manual drafting inputs?

I see. That will be addressed in the future by adding default editors and report recipients.

We do not comment on our internal drafting workflow as it is constantly being tweaked and optimized. We cannot count panos until the file is uploaded.

IMS-5 map is meant to reduce photographer work for aligning panos and help avoid shooting spaces where only point cloud will suffice.

As a multi-operator company we find it essential to our work flow to create the order prior to it being photographed and measured. The Due Date is also important for tracking.

I will move this discussion to a new thread and will close this one.