Dark spot in images when using measuring modes 2 & 3

I’ve searched around and can’t find any info on this. Whenever I use measuring modes 2 & 3 I get this dark spot that circles the 3D images. I never saw this in other floor plans I looked at so I’m wondering if I did something wrong. I’m using the Planix Pro 2021.

Any help/insight is greatly appreciated.

These are the shaded areas referred to in “Measurements in shaded areas may have larger uncertainty than shown”. Theta does dynamic stitching in those areas, so pixels get displaced based on image content and measurements in those areas may be less reliable. This applies to Measure Modes 2 and 3 only since they are done in images. Measure Mode 1 on floor plans depends on lidar only and is not affected by Theta.

I suppose I should’ve done my homework before posting this. Thanks for responding so quickly.

Just a thought, but…

If the camera was rotated 90 degrees for each pano would that enable the system to give more accurate measurements all around?

It does seem off-putting to have the dark shaded areas. First time I saw it when testing the measurements I thought I had done something wrong in the shoot.

I know doing two shots for every one would increase workflow, but has it been considered/tried?

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That option is always available to a user - shoot as many panos as needed with different camera positions and/or orientations to optimize proximity and viewing angle for planned measurements.

This problem or “special feature” is not mentioned anywhere in your sales brochures for the Iguide Planix Pro system. In our work, measurements are very important, but unfortunately this problem prevents the accuracy and performance of measurements.

Are you already looking for a solution to this problem?

This isn’t necessarily a Planix problem. This is simply Planix letting you know that, because of the dynamic stitching, the results might not be as accurate as others.
However, we’ve been playing more and more with the Mode 3 measurements and are quite content with the accuracy. This includes measurements that go through some of the shaded areas.