Custom phone labels

Right now when setting up banner information phone numbers allow for specific pre-defined labels like “cell, office, direct”.

Can we please also have custom phone labels that we can enter ourselves?

I run into this when creating banners for teams. They need to be able to identify the phone numbers so that we can set up something like this:

Office: 555-555-5555
June: 666-666-6666
John: 777-777-7777
Harvey: 888-888-8888

Thank you.

Hey Leroy

This can be done. Just starry typing what you want it to say. Here is one I just did that with.
It does seem to want the first number to be from their list , but additional ones can be named whatever.

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Haha, I was JUST typing the same thing. Just start typing what you like and hit enter to accept it.

Huh. I didn’t realize that.

However, that doesn’t seem to work with the main number. That first number gets put into a button link without a label.

Is there a trick to that?

What does your “call” button do? Does it link to a number that’s not visible? I just tried a few options for that main button and I’m not getting it to work without showing a phone number (which doesn’t show the label).