Creation of 3D Home Tours Soared in March as Stay-at-Home Orders Expanded

This is Zillow research discussing an increased use of Zillow 3D Home tours on their platform in the recent weeks. They talk only about Zillow 3D Home tours because they know with certainty that those are indeed 3D tours and so Zillow embeds them right into the listing pages. This is unlike the content located in a Virtual Tour field that Zillow receives in a MLS feed and which it places in the Facts and Features section. Agents are known to put all sorts of links into the Virtual Tour field - from iGUIDEs and other valid 3D tours to PDF brochures to even their own websites.

And some more links on the topic.

Definitely did for us. We did a ton of iGuides and a ton of Zillow 3D Home Tours. Picking up new customers as we’ve been doing these for almost 4 years now and photographers are scrambling to add these services.

Just saw your initial comments. I haven’t seen a way to post an iGuide on a Zillow listing.

iGUIDE will appear on Zillow automatically, but buried in the Facts and Features section as a Virtual Tour link, if an agent puts the iGUIDE link in the Virtual Tour field in their MLS system. Zillow pulls the data from practically all MLS’s with very rare exceptions.

Thanks Alex. I hadn’t thought of that.