Copyright & Use License Download Agreement

I retain the copyright to the media for the projects I create and issue a Non-Transferrable Commercial Use License (CUL) with every project. This allows me to protect the investments of my clients from being hijacked by other agents (a popular issue) while protecting the market value of the service and my own business sustainability. By using the Licensing System, when a new agent takes over the listing, I can sell them their own CUL so they can use the media for that project.

As it stands, when a new agent takes over a listing, they contact the previous agent (my client) for permission to use the listing media. In most cases, the agent (my client) will privately re-sell listing media to the new agent as if they have the right to do so without any compensation being passed back to me (the copyright owner). This circumvents any chances of getting referrals and getting work from new clients, along with any future referrals from a new client.

Proposed solution/s:

  1. Is there a way to require the client to Accept a Customizable Image Use Copyright & License Agreement from the download page?


  1. Is there a way to disable the Photo Download option?

I use a separate system for my work-orders & payments, and that system sends them something similar to the iGUIDE Report. The system includes the option to require clients to accept a customizable photo/media agreement before accessing their media. The iGUIDE system does NOT.

I send the client the other project report first so they have access to their marketing tools, then I send them the iGUIDE Report. The problem is, when I send them the iGUIDE Report, they have access to download the photos without accepting any such agreement.

Until a solution manifests, I will have to add it to the Custom Report Text so there is at least the delivery of the “Copyright & Usage” terms. I would prefer to not have to put the agreement in the Custom Report Text as it will make the report longer and the client will become numb to the agreement since no action is required.

Adding a Customizable License Agreement to the download workflow would be a great value to every iGUIDE Operator. I imagine something like this could be added to the Account Defaults in the Settings page.

Thanks for all the fish!