Convert spheres to video

I can’t seem to find previous discussion. Have an agent who wants a video. I have the spheres but having issues. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE

I am not sure what you are asking.

Agent wants to be able to post to other video formats…they understand it will not be interactive.

I’m not aware of a program that converts photospheres to video. If they didn’t ask up front for you to produce a video - and you didn’t shoot any video - your best bet now is to use your HDR photos - again assuming you shot photos in addition to iGUIDE. Failing that, you can export “snapshots” from any photosphere and use them to produce a video through software such as Premiere Pro, or Final Cut Pro, or iMovie. But those will come with a huge learning curve.

Others here have used a screen recording program (e.g. Camtasia) to record a “walk through” video of themselves going through an iGuide. That would be a fairly simple way of making a “video” out of an iGuide, but the results won’t be polished.

Hopefully your client understands that an interactive 360° virtual tour and a video are two different things.

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To create easy videos from the 360 panos i use the ricoh theta app or reshoot360