I had a client suggest to add a Contact Form to the tour viewer - thought I’d pass that along, sounds like a good idea. If it contacted all the people subscribed to the Analytics, that would be super!

Isn’t this what the banner does? Any viewer simply clicks the button at the top left to see the agent info and then clicks email. All address entries from the banner then receive a message.

If, and that’s IF the viewer knows or figures out how to get back the agent banner, yes, that is what the autohide banner does.

If there was a Contact Form that was present in the tour content, it would significantly increase the odds of the referral happening. It would also be great to be able to see how many people actually used the contact function.

This was a suggestion from a client conversation, and it made sense to present the suggestion.

I imagine if the agent banner would drop down at any click of the upper banner, it would increase the odds of a connection.