Construction Roughin's before Drywall goes up

Good Morning All,

I have a presentation tomorrow with a builder about using my Iguide Camera to perform pre drywall Virtual tours and post for floor plans so the builder can have access to where the HVAC, Electrical, plumbing is etc. Then have a post completion shoot with floor plans so the new potential buyer would have access to that later on for reference.

Pitch related questions:

  • How long does an IGUIDE virtual tour last for? is there anyway to have it last forever so the client always have access to the link of the virtual 3D tour?
  • Does anyone have a virtual tour of a home performed before the drywall went up that I can use live for my presentation?
    anything else you would suggest I add to the presentation that you would think its relevant?

Thank you!

The iguide is hosted for a year, and then can be extended for another year after that. Or they can download the tour onto their pc and have it forever.

how it can be extended for another year ? What exactly cam be downloaded ?

how it can be extended for another year ?

When an iGuide expires after a year (or if you lock it manually before then), there’s the option of renewing it by unlocking it, at which point it’s active for another year.

What exactly cam be downloaded ?

The entire iGuide. There’s a lot of useful information in the knowledgebase: How to Download and Use an Offline iGUIDE : Support Desk.

The iguide is hosted for a year by default, but you can change the expiration date in the edit. You can put the expiration in 10 years if you want… You decide

Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t know that. But I just went looking and there’s the option.

That has been the core of my business. I’ve been a Building Inspector for many years and find that there is often something covered up by drywall. My customers really like having the virtual tour done berthed drywall get installed. Their customers like it also. I then get to go back and do a final virtual tour when the house is completed. I download the file and put it on 2 usb drives so the builder has a permanent record and then gives one to his customer. I’ve only been doing this for about 3 months and have done more than 20 of them.
I’m finding though the there may be a better market with remodeling contractors where I go in before any work is done and then give them a CAD DWG that they send to their architects or engineers to have a place to start with their blueprints.