Constant changes on the sytem makes it harder not easier....

I don’t know know about you guys but all the changes that come monthly I don’t even feel I can navigate an order any more. I feel so frustrated with a system that continuously changes and company that grows and then your just left behind. TO Navigate through the web site is difficult cause there is so much to through and learn and then it’s just updated and changed a month later. The majority of people on here are creators, photographers and videographers and now add to the mix of learning drafting and on and on is allot. THe accuracy is great but managing the system is not easy. I just don’t know what the alternative is.

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I understand what you are saying about all the new features that have been coming out and so much new to learn. I’m a professional photographer with 30+ years experience, but this is new technology for me and the learning curve is kind of steep. The people at iGuide are great at helping you learn all the new features in webinars and in the videos. Watch them and you will learn a lot. Most of the new features and packages are for contractors, not necessarily for the real estate photographers.

That being said I am also a general contractor specializing in intelligent automation for commercial and residential properties. think apple home or google home taken to the next level. Feel free to PM if you want to know more about that. The new features and packages are what myself and other trades people need to design, build, and remodel faster and be more economical with our time, budgets, and meet deadlines. Just last week I was talking with a kitchen cabinet maker, I told him about the iGuide and the accuracy of the scans I could get along with supplying him with the CAD drawings I could supply him. I won his future business because I am the only one that is using this technology.

Yes the new features and packages added continually can be difficult to stay on top of, but in my opinion that is a good thing because that means they are listening to their customers to develop the tools they need to be successful! Not all will be needed or useful for everyone, but I am very glad I chose to go with iGuide over any other product in this market because they are listening and adding so much!


After getting a call from customer support, it was great to have them take the time to call and hear my concerns and to help me through the issues I was having. WHat company now a days does that. I do need to learn as they adapt but it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, thank you iguide for your patience and help.

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