Competitors battle

Hi everyone, I am just wondering what should we do with some companies who charging realtors so cheap?
I am living in Toronto and I charge $290 for up to 3000 sqf and 11cent for additional sqf including unlimited HDR photography.
But last night my new client send me an email and told me another companies do same service with matterport for $177 for 4000 sat plus $37 for floor plan. they mentioned on their website they are largest 3D tour company in Canada. it is too cheap i believe.
Do you think I should change my price list?

It is my belief that there is always someone who will do the “same” job at a lower price. This is in every single industry. You can see from the flyer that their original price is $13 less than your price and that this is a special offer. No-one would be able to sustain this pricing and have a viable business. Price yourself according to your value and what you bring to the table.


Someone in Markham, Ontario is advertising themselves as “Canada’s biggest 3D tour company”? That sounds suspect. That’s a red flag to start.

Base your prices on your business model. Don’t join a race to the bottom, because those at the bottom don’t tend to last. And worse, the clients who are only interested in the cheapest option are invariably the most difficult to work with, the least prepared for shoots, the ones who don’t treat your time with respect, the least loyal when someone cheaper comes along, and will often be the ones that you’ll have trouble collecting payment from. I’ve seen this over and over in every sector of the photography industry.

Don’t spend time agonizing over competitor’s pricing. Spend that time working on your business, developing systems, improving your customer service, photography, and other skill sets.

Keep your sights on the long term, building a base of good clients. It may feel like a loss to lose a penny-pinching client to a cheap option, but from my experience I can tell you that it’s for the best.


Thank you so much Leroy and London House photo. yes you are right we shouldn’t to join a race to the bottom.

This is when you need to sell that your services and iGuide are superior to Matterport and why iGuide and you are a better solution.


Amen Leroy. It is always the case through my many years in this business.

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