Competition: Ricoh 360

On a realtor group I saw this link today. Very clear difference.

The purple fringing hurts my eyes. :grinning:

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That’s one of those ‘you get what you pay for’ tours.
I love how the bullseye is right there in the middle of each screen shot, right in the middle of the FOV. Glad I have an iGuide.
It’s a good example for you to be able to show the clear difference between this and iGuide.
As much as I (a car guy) always want to see a garage in a property, this was one time I’d be hiding that image.

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Hi Peter! I was going to pass on this thread until I saw your response so I looked further. Now I’m even more so glad that I decided to go with iGUIDE first. I believe it to be the best out there and so glad to be part of the team!

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That’s great Jeffrey. I know the internet speed has been frustrating lately for everyone. Hopefully this is a temporary blip. It must be related to the amount of folks working from home, clogging up routers etc. Glad you’re enjoying the iGuide.

I bought a Rico theater V about three years ago. Are use it for hero shots on about 30 properties to add to interactive floorplans. The quality is OK in comparison to what iGuide offers