Compass in Stitch

Some of my scans go together like a hot knife through butter while others are like cutting into a blade steak with a butter knife in. Forgive the food analogies - I may be hungry!
I was thinking that it could make it a whole lot easier to put scans together if there was an on screen compass orientation. We know the data is there, all we would need would be a North pointer


All rooms should already be rotated using compass. We will check if there are any bugs in Survey regarding that. Adding a compass direction tick in Stitch to every room center would make the interface busy. Unless it is absolutely needed, we would prefer to avoid that.

Maybe I am not aware of something- when I open a house in stitch each floor has a jumble of scans in the centre of the screen. They appear to be at random angles and positions. I manually and separately move the scans out of the way and build from the centre of the screen.

In my mind it would make the job easier if one direction was obvious.

Also - is there a way of selecting more than one scan at a time? Sometimes I build a selection of rooms off to the side and when it becomes obvious where they go I move them into place, but have to do them all separately.

The best option is to align the rooms while shooting. That way you can avoid the jumble of scans when you get home. This is accomplished while shooting by tapping on the move button with the target button set to room. The data associated with the panorama you just took will then be movable on-screen.

If you want to assemble room data at home the best way is to align them one-by-one in the order that they were shot. In Stitch, using the move and rotate room tool, select your first room from the top of the list and drag it off to the side. Then grab the second room and match them up so they overlap. Continue adding rooms together one by one until complete.

There is currently no way to move multiple rooms at once but I see what you mean.

There was a bug in Survey where compass angle was not used to rotate rooms when mapping mode is not used. Will be fixed in the next release.

Thank you very much Alex. That should make things easier.


When I shoot each pano, I just ensure the camera is pointing in the same direction. This helps when aligning them. And, as Chris mentioned, I align the rooms onsite. This makes it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier once I get back to the office.

New beta firmware is available on the portal that fixes the compass bug.

Now you can point the camera in the most attractive direction for that pano. The first shot sets the default direction/angle that will be shown when that pano is loaded in iGuide.

Alex. I am very happy with the new firmware and the compass feature. It really does make things easier. Thank you!
I have a couple of questions and a feature request.
In survey, what is the new item at the top left of the screen (when in the data screen) that says coverage?

What are the new HDR presets doing?

Feature request - Would it be possible to have the dots in stitch that represent where the camera is, be identified by the corresponding number of the panorama. Sometimes I will look at the screen and try to determine which pano has not been moved into place yet and have to click through the whole list trying to find it.

Survey features/UI are described in the updated manual that is available for download from the portal. The manual also describes how panos can be selected in Stitch by clicking on the point cloud in the main window (hold Ctrl or Shift down).