Compact all-camera system

More than a feature suggestion is a product suggestion.

Why not thinking about a good laser tool system that can be attached to any camera? That way the operator can choose the camera, lenses, the quality of the image ecc. Speed is important, but not the most important thing. For some is the 3D data, the heights, for others the image quality, bluring faces automatically and so on.

Many software are already based on AI.
A sensor that measure the data for the corect exposure etc, processed info send to the camera/operator with the app and the laser scanning everything. Maybe lidar 3d?
You could give that way to many the possibility to use other cameras.
I bought a IMS-5 just before Planix came out and I know it would be one day soon not more supported. It’s a cheep camera and I have better ones with better image quality.

You could have same services and more flexibility.

I know there are many things to be considered but … maybe…