Commercial Property Examples

I have the opportunity to propose iGuide for a large commercial warehouse space. I’m looking for some commercial Guides examples to show the client. Do any of you have any links to commercial iGuides you’d be willing to share as examples?

Rod Brady
Houston Real Estate Media

Here are examples of different kind of commercial spaces.

Hi, may I use your warehouse iguide for my site?

The warehouse is not mine. You will need to contact:

Sparks Media Group - Tom Sparks
325 Merganser Drive #1438, Suisun City, California 94585, United States

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We do lots of these. Our position is usually to act as an assistant to the architect by documenting the existing space to enable their design of the new space for their clients. In addition to the iGuide, we provide roof height measurements, storefront window measurements, and photographs of equipment (water & gas meters, rooftop units etc.).

Here’e another one we did of an old factory. In this case we just used the iGuide to generate a floor plan for the client without all the additional measurements mentioned above.

Thanks for the replies and links. These were very helpful.

I see that you are also using another THETA Z1 without the iGuide hardware. What is that for ?

Is this with the theta or ims-5?