Color temp issues

Is this an issue that anyone else faces on a daily basis? I am using the Plantix

It seemed to happen alot less often with the ims-5.

happens all the time in mixed lighting, can get it to look half way decent by pulling down the yellows and blues in stitch. If someone has any advice on how to get it to not be so bad in camera, I would like know how to do it.

I use the -3/+3 processing option. Still have to post edit quite a bit after. But not as drastic with the HDR process

Sometimes I’ll put those blue shoe covers over really yellow lights to help partly balance the light. But unless you plan to bring photo gels with you, then there’s not much you can do.

it only started happening to me with the latest updates, the problem is that the planix uses the default settings of the z1 that’s high temperature, with the theta app you won’t have the issue because you can change the settings, which you can’t in survey.