Collecting payment and terms acceptance iGUIDE Photos/ Tour


I hope there was no other feature suggestion I missed…
i’ve seen the webinar registration about the iGUIDE Photos
and read the post (Collecting payment from agents)
I think iGUIDE Photos is a very good idea, but I think it should have the option to collect payments through a link (Paypal, Stripe, credit card … something) and TERMS ACCEPTANCE, require clients to accept terms/conditions before downloading photos.
Show the photos but not be able to download them (just like the iGUIDE Tour) until is payed or flagged from the iGUIDE Operator as payed.

You always have the option to lock the iGUIDE player if the agent has failed to pay. You also retain the option to await payment before sending the iGUIDE report. By not adding emails from the agents banner as a subscriber, you can then choose when to send the iGUIDE report.

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You could also use a dedicated real estate photography client management system like ViewShoot to handle the delivery of content to clients, requiring payments and term acceptance.

iGUIDE Photos it’s a Photo delivery system and it is not for free.
This was a Feature Suggestion for an existing service.
As I iGUIDE Operator why should I use a third service? Ok, I am missing one piece but that’s why I do I suggestion.

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I think there is also another issue to deal with. What happens when a client says he wants the iGuide service and the home is around 2100 sq. ft. So you quote a price but the gross interior measurement comes in at 3500 sq. ft. The client then decides not to pay based on the quote. There should be a means of knowing what the square footage is before quoting a price. Though I include a disclaimer in the quote, not sure if that’s the best approach.

Personally I have a entry tier rate that covers up to 3500 sq/ft. That covers most properties I have come across so far.
That means anything below that is the same price. I have a tiered pricing from there in 500 sq/ft intervals, making sure I charge enough to cover the extra cost of the drafting.
It doesn’t make sense to me to charge each client based on exact measurements.

My scheduling system requires a client to enter the square footage of the building they want photographed and scanned. I typically Google the address if I think there might be a discrepancy. The property will “almost” always show up on Zillow, or other aggregate sites with The property statistics which I pulled from the local county tax records. IF, for some reason I get on site and there are other buildings, basement, etc. I let the agent know then, that there will be an adjustment to the invoice to convert the additional square footage.

Ps: I too have pricing based on blocks of square footage.

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I always ask up front what the square footage is. Then, when I write up the quote, I put in there that it is based on the XXX square footage provided. If the square footage turns out to be more, then they get billed the higher amount. I’ve had some clients come up short with their numbers, while others are pretty dead on. I haven’t had an issue with a client not paying, but the iGuide would get locked if they didn’t pay. Then it goes to collections.

To keep things simple, I use pricing based on square footage brackets. At the time of booking, clients indicate the expected square footage, but acknowledge that the rate will be based on the actual measured square footage.

I wait until the results are drafted to charge them based on the actual measured square footage.

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I also do the same a Leroy.