Co-listing banner


Is there a way to have 2 agents on one banner? they are from 2 different agencies. Thank you for your help.


Great question! I often have agents that are co-listing. I haven’t see a way to show 2 banners or rotate between 2 while the tour is playing. I am following this!

Only way that I am aware of is to create a custom banner with both agent’s info. I create in PS.

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Yep, with co-listing agents I have them send a combined portrait photo. You can add multiple phone numbers and email addresses. Plus now you have the option to add multiple email addresses for iGuide Reports and analytics.

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I have done this by putting one logo into the headshot space and the other on the right, when I type in the info I don’t list address of agency I use the bolded spaces to highlight each one. it can be done for sure or make your own in photoshop too but I just play with the banner to make it look good.


Here is an example, two agents, two photographers for a listing, we combined our work.

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Were these just normal HRD ground photos or did you use the iGuide camera? It looks very smooth and flows well when looking through the photos taken by two different photographers. Forgive my question if it is naive, I am new to iGuide and this whole systems so I’m just trying to adjust to the learning curve.

No this was each of us just shooting with our HTML cameras. When I loaded them into the gallery it may be the order I put them in, it was winter moving into summer.

Does anyone have a template or can post their custom banner Jpeg so I can at least get the dimensions for it?

This is perfect for my question too. Thanks !!!

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