Client Generation & Lead Gen Methods

Hey Everyone,

I’m new to the game and was wondering if you have any tips and tricks on getting clients. What lead generation methods, outreach methods and sales methods do you use?

Oh yeah? Good luck. I been trying to get this information for 1 year now, amd no one can give a coherent answer…

Where do your clients go? Exhibiting at local real estate trade shows is a good idea. Works best if there are not too many other iGUIDE providers in the area or are exhibiting at the event.

Presentations at local real estate boards or large brokerage or agent teams work great too.

As for messaging, topics should not be centered around iGUIDE alone, but should be of general interest, e.g. accurately measuring and reporting square footage (better than tax records) and using tags to make an agent stand out from the crowd by highlighting salient features of the property through tags - appliances, smart home devices, etc.

The main advantages of iGUIDE are reducing days on the market (DoM) and higher sale to list price ratio, as shown by our and other studies (Sell Your Home Faster and for More - iGUIDE®). The reasons for this are higher confidence in making a purchasing decision when more information is available (days on market) and greatly expanding the pool of buyers by enabling remote buyers make a purchasing decision sight unseen (sale price), this one probably the biggest reason to use iGUIDE.

In the US, Fannie Mae’s requirement for ANSI Z765 square footage for appraisals and Freddie Mac’s requirement to have floor plans in Property Data Reports (PDRs) when appraisal is not required is a good point to make to an agent about speeding up getting an offer conditions cleared.

In the end, iGUIDE advantage is that it provides all of the above with shorter time onsite and higher square footage accuracy as well as having not only a floor plan, but also a 3D tour. And all of that is available much faster than competition.