Client and Operator Banners on Floor Plans

One of the main requests we have received from our “previous Matterport” Clients is the inclusion of their Branding on the PDF of the Floor Plans. We can do this in-house at our end however the clients download the Floor Plans directly from the “iGuide Report” so we have no control on the official Floor Plans offered up from the iGuide Server. We already include the client Banner and our company Banner in the system, so this should be an easy implementation, either automatically or through the iGuide Portal (user select).


Agreed! I am a newer operator and as soon as I saw the pdf drawings I wondered… Why no branding?


I agree that the PDF’s should have some sort of branding option. I often change the floor plans so that they are branded for my clients. Would save me a lot of time having to edit them myself.

It would be nice to have a similar input as the realtor banner that you can create. Once it’s created, you can select the ‘Floor Plan Branding’ in the upload process.

We have been asking for branded floor plans for over 4 years. I have no idea why iGuide is so reluctant to implement it. It’s almost always the number one request from new operators as well. I would settle for just having the client’s branding but I would really like to have our own branding on them as well. Being able to advertise ourselves as operators can be a powerful tool to grow our businesses. We average over a dozen iGuides a day during the busy season so manually editing them all is a non starter for us.

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So… any answers from the iGuide Team(?) If they aren’t dealing with this “most requested” suggestion, it would be good for all of us to know why.

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+1. I bet many of us would appreciate branded PDF floor plans.

It seems like a natural extension and important branding step for that to carry over to PDFs.

There are ways to automate adding branding to a PDF but that wouldn’t apply to the PDFs available on the iGuide Report or on each iGuide link.