Clarification on cost of 10001 SF property

I have a request for a property over 10000 Sf, and have a quick question. I am confused of the pricing system for that. it shows " 10,001-30,000 ft² $280 + $0.021 per ft² from 10,001-30,000 ft²"
so what would be the total charged by Iguide if the property is 10,001 SF? would it be $280 plus tax?..then if the propeprty is 10,020, you would add the extra sf at $.021 per sf?

Please let me know as soon as you can anyone, thaks!

If you go to the cost calculator site linked below, all you do is enter the square cottage and it spits out the cost.

@DanFleury I has able to find the US calculator from your link, though where is it on the iGuide site?


If you go here:

Then click on USA/International, right in the first paragraph is a cost calculator link

Thanks, I see, it’s a new link under pricing.